Thursday, September 29, 2011

Height of 45 floors and Hyundai Heavy Industries 'Steel Goliath' 1t truck flashed 1600

Korea the world's No. 1 shipbuilding powerhouse with a crane, called a Goliath gantry cranes of the world's largest-called 'Malmo tears haetgie together was possible. Crane Eastern Bangeo the Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries has in marine plants. Itself alone, the total weight of 7560t in width 165m, height 128m it. Comparable range up to 45 floors high-rise buildings. Top part of the width and height 13m and 14.5m respectively, the bus could pass for four at the same time. 1t tensile strength of the crane truck to lift it enough for 1,600 cars at a time stronger.

■ 1-dollar "Tears in Malmo"
FIFA World Cup, which was in full swing in September 2002 the city of Malmo, Sweden, during the third one yard in the kokeomseu shipyard. Here was a symbol of the Swedish shipbuilding industry after haechehan 1500t class of gantry cranes for South Korea to ship to ship operation was in full swing. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records the world's largest crane wharf to Korea willingly sold himself flocked to see the final appearance, proud people crowded. Swedish national television at the time of the funeral song, with the shipment of cranes and other media also reported 'a cried Malmo "was the title of the article headlines.

At the time, local media and citizens reacted Why did this. The world's largest crane of this was the symbol of the prosperity of the European shipbuilding industry. That crane is being transported from Europe to Korea haechedwae more than 100 years of continuous dwaeon global shipbuilding industry in Europe, central Asia, it is also more than 30 years history of the modern shipbuilding industry in Korea beyond the means of only close to a humiliating breakup Gatsby. "Tears of Malmo" What this nickname because it was obtained.

Two cranes, a dollar is just staging a sale of Hyundai Heavy Industries said. In this Agreement, the shipbuilding industry for a while, my list has become the talk. Legal effect with the same value for both palryeotjiman disassembly and shipping, etc. was paid by the argument. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., the ship dismantling of the crane installation commissioning modifications, etc. have invested 220 billion won.

In the rest of the world shipbuilding companies dare to take over Crane did not make a large drying capacity and operation would use a crane to gain volume sales skills that is becoming a failed.

Tears of Malmo in Sweden kokeomseu shipyard in South Korea handed over 100 years ago, the world's first LNG seolripdwae lines, such as dry as the size of Northern Europe's largest technology company was proud. The company in the world shipping market, ship in a dry 'luxury' has been recognized. However, as Japan and South Korea to withstand the challenges of late joseonguk without realizing the early 1990s was bankrupt.

■ Korea shipbuilding industry as the symbol 'rises'
The tears of Malmo in Sweden leaves the transport process through a two-month in June 2003 after Hyundai Heavy Industries Marine factory installed on the new look of grandeur have been exposed. Shipbuilding used when assembling the block in the Dock Crane control unit of the Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc. sides soon after replaced by the new rig and other offshore structures, such as crude oil storage facilities were put in drying operations. The tensile capacity 1500t yireudeon in September 2007 to 1600t eopgeureyideudwae marine equipment, as well as dry land in the ship was indispensabIe. LPG land lines, especially when dry cargo (tanks), and new factory equipped chongjorip law had tears in Malmo machine was possible.

140 billion won in April 2009 after completing the length of commitment 490m, width 115m, 13.5m in height, the size of seven football fields large dokeuin one person 'H Dock' is going to be finished after the tears of Malmo, a crane of the same size were installed more .

Because of this, large vessels and marine structures is becoming more seamless drying rate was for me. Until now, the tears of Malmo, vessels and structures created by France in February 2008 from four awarded a total of 2 million barrels of storage capacity level of the world's largest FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading oil facilities), including 82 Chuck, 825 만 8878t (DWT) amounting to. Hyundai Heavy Industries official, "the symbol of Sweden, a world-class shipbuilding industry given over to the train we do not walk," he vowed.


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