Monday, October 10, 2011

Busan next to the mosquito takes a smart location tracking using GIS Defense

Starting next year in Busan, the mosquito pest seems to be a revolutionary change. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using the where, how much of a mosquito that is because defenses in real-time check.

Busan from next year 'mosquito management geographic information system, "said Tuesday that it will introduce. Based on a February trial conducted at two local governments to try, 9 wolkke plans to expand to the rest. Deunda about 80 million won per municipality.

For this system to ward gunbyeol a little more than 10 auto-install the instrument where the mosquitoes are collected from public health to the way that the server is running. Dig where you live determine how many mosquitoes as a pest is to

When the mosquito pest management using GIS to improve the efficiency of its seems to be a big contributing. According to Busan in Busan this year, 3.29 billion won in the mosquito pest heard.

Installed on the instrument, such as mosquitoes (燈) are gathered to see. Yiukgyo study of insects and the National Institutes of Health mediated living "light blue, purple reports that mosquitoes get together fans to turn the instrument sucks," he explained the principles of operation.

Government-sponsored project originally promoted dwaeteuna budget support to the project being stopped Busan and will have its own budget.

Pilot projects in 1996, this business silsidwae meantime, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, Gangwon hwacheongun, Nam-gu, Ulsan, etc. have been installed. National Institutes of Health this year, about three places where you can apply for a budget, but said she is assigned.

Currently the technology of software patents in the National Institutes of Health have. Municipalities wishing to install a system approved by the National Institutes of software I can write down, you could buy the rest of the instruments and computerized most obese.

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