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Dokdo celebration vs Rising Sun Rising Sun THINKING THINKING cheer uniforms, Which is more political?

"Dokdo is a problem ascendancy celebration, why make an issue-based, is not it?"
"What the hell is ascendant stage?"
"Tough touch with Japan and South Korea's a"
Recent tensions between Korea and Japan is invisible is obvious. It did this once, but not unlike Japan's giant naive behavior problems has been always will. Such an extension has been moved to the stage over the last, the Olympic Games.
Japan's past apology, let alone a persistent territorial eongttunghago gyeolgulen desire has led to the Olympic stage. After all look at Dokdo celebration of the Olympic Games did not sound like too naive nation of Japan to the development of the cause will be in action. Reflection on the international stage and apologized for past toxic-free in Japan. Japan overwhelmed to watch this celebration to the resentment not only of our nation naseolsu. When do extend up to the vicious circle.
Japanese militarism, the symbol 'Rising Sun THINKING'.
☞ What about the celebration of Dokdo?
Why is Japan-based ascendancy ansamna problem? The 11th Olympic Games in London Finals in Korea and Japan in the bronze medal with the national soccer team player Park Jong Woo's' celebration of Dokdo as "the community has a bar. From the standpoint of our nation lie huryeonhan was the most wonderful celebration. However, Japan is finally samatgo this problem by the IOC as it ripples have a problem with a formal beonjyeotseupnida.
☞ Sohn the flag incident?
Dong-A Ilbo dated 25 August 1936 the two sides of the Berlin Olympic Games marathon winner Sohn, while showing a picture, painted in uniform got rid of the flag incident occurred. The incident in August 1936 during a ceremony at the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, Japan, as part of a delegation of minority participation in sport from a couple of our players started with. Sohn in the marathon at the time of division, both players win namseungryong was designated as a candidate.
Was sent in March 1935 Olympic marathon qualifying tournament Sohn in 2 hours and 26 minutes 14 second period, then the world record two hours five minutes 31 minutes 37 seconds ahead sewotgi record is amazing. 'Flower' of the Olympic marathon began Aug. 9 23:00 (Korea time), despite the middle of the night the crowd was gathered in front of news organizations. Sohn next morning the news of winning are as mad. Sohn record of 2 hours 29 minutes 19 seconds to 2, 2 hours and 30 minutes of record time, the dream will break the wall.
Sohn Dong-A Ilbo laureate at the time of the acquisition of the photos published in the August 25, 2002 and Sohn's uniform clearing the flag on the chest are drawn from the fact that the Japanese authorities take issue incident occurred. Dong-A Ilbo two days from the date of August 29 as per the disposal jeonggan weapons.

☞ Why make an issue of the Rising Sun, THINKING, does not it?
"You authorized the use of the IOC decided ascendancy can not understand", "Japan's unilateral acceptance of yoguman cheosada" "Jong Woo Park, if stripped of the medal should be a national response immortal" IOC Jong Woo Park by the player's bronze When this award pending domestic netizens are infested. Mine was a crowd of Koreans in Japan, why make an issue-based ascendancy Is not the opinion of the fierce criticism has been flooded.

Bronze Medal Match netizens at the time the stadium opened in Rising Sun of Japan THINKING cheer in a word can not understand the reaction. Why the problem happens Gigabit ascendancy. Why cheer groups, while the Japanese ascendancy would nominate.

☞ flag rather than a formal "Japanese discipline '... to justify a war of aggression
The people of our country's symbol of the Rising Sun of Japan cheerleading THINKING (旭日 升天 旗) take issue with the Japanese flag, the flag for the red sun on the flag plus a spread that the Japanese formal patterns This is quite different from the flag. Based two ascendance to the Meiji Restoration in 1870 after the Japanese Army decided specified since World War II the Japanese decided could be used on.
Separate groups with no militarist ascendancy simply because we can not only see colors in Japan. This holding is rooting itself reflection on the past, let alone encouraging, because the specter of the past.
☞ the Rising Sun of Japan wooikhwa trend emerged manipulated THINKING?
Based ascendancy of the Japanese in World War II has been banned since 1945, lost the war. However, while re-establishment of the Japanese Self Defense Forces warships offshore, onshore, such as ascendancy Gigabit pledges Lee are being used as a symbol of the SDF. To justify a war of aggression in Japanese right-wing groups surely rally stage ascendancy appeared.
  ☞ regard to the issues that are raised with the Japanese Rising Sun THINKING Based domestic consensus because of the presence of this ascendancy has been strongly protested the meantime. Last month, a British clothing company in the national flag and flag t-shirts produced carved ascendancy groups raise and then there was an apology.   Japan-based supporters of the ascendancy of the Asian Cup quarter-finals in January last year, already has caused such controversy. Bar. Ki players throughout the 22 minutes time penalty after a successful hand-scraping the face of "monkey celebration", expand "behind ascendancy in the stands watching groups natda tears my heart," have left a post on Twitter.

☞ Joe mwogi Olympic Charter to 50th? Jong Woo Park on the 11th held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff Wales UK with Japan 2-0 in the Finals to win the bronze medal received from the audience left a "Dokdo is our land 'running around the stadium holding a paper labeled sereomeonireul have played. Jong Woo Park Pickett paper prepared in advance was not a ceremony.   But the protests of Japan received the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a Jong Woo Park 'political act' he recalled the AM and AM awarding ceremony held in the imposed sanctions will prevent you from participating. It also requested the IOC to know the truth to FIFA, FIFA to investigate the bronze medal, and that deprivation is associated with.   Significant portion of the IOC Olympic Charter, Article 50 of the problem joeul look 'at Olympic stadium and related facilities for political propaganda purposes is prohibited for any violation of the disqualification of the player or players can qualify and cancellation penalties' he takes office in January, is.   ☞ The coincidence of the celebration Jong Woo Park, based in the dictionary intended to be in ascendance? Jong Woo Park Pickett took issue with the Japanese paper that is not prepared in advance from the audience will be passed in by chance. It never planned in advance for political purposes was not twelve. However, Japan's ascendancy based are different. Thoroughly planned and prepared in advance will be. In January of last year's Asian Cup quarter-finals despite already aroused controversy and this time it has been exploited. Nevertheless, the IOC has ignored it.   We love to look at the needs of netizens seems a jeongdanghae. Bronze Medal Match netizens at the time the stadium opened in cheering for Japan's Rising Sun THINKING "and authorized the use of the IOC decided ascendancy can not understand", "Japan's unilateral acceptance of yoguman cheosada", "Park Jong Woo's AM, if deprived of the national response should be immortal, "and the IOC will have to listen closely to be sure.

Iconic symbol of Japanese militarism ascendant groups gymnast's uniform.

☞ IOC investigation of the Japanese gymnastics uniform active players
Jong Woo Park players' Dokdo is our land as "jump bronze medal awarded holding of paper held by reason of Article 50 of the Olympic Charter, Olympic stadium and related facilities for political purposes in the propaganda activities prohibiting disqualification of the player or players for any violation of the eligibility and cancellation penalties may be is'.

Then, wearing gold uniforms, iconic writer ascendancy one, two silver and Japan without any problems gymnast who want to know quite how to handle these. IOC uniforms of the Japanese gymnasts must be investigated as soon as possible.

☞ How coping patterns Nazi Germany? Japan and Germany have in common is that caused World War II. However, good relations with neighbors sajoena past, so different from past issues. Sure you want so much to cope with what is different. Japan's ascendance to use the machine thoroughly to cheer than a symbol of Nazi Germany Germany Hakan Cruetzfeldt (cross pattern) with the symbol on the front is prohibited. After this point, that the IOC or FIFA to overlook what is obvious to revisit.

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